about us

We honour time, mastery and culture, respecting the knowledge of those who came before us

our philosophy

At Varana we recognise that culture and knowledge are the bedrock of true luxury. Big or small, every Varana product is layered with a subtle sensibility and has both beauty and meaning.

We design for the intelligent, global citizen who delights in discovery, prefers experiences over acquisition and understands that provenance and authenticity are invaluable.. By basing our design philosophy on crafts that have sustained over centuries, we hope to connect our wearers with a greater cultural universe.


We celebrate the intersection of East and West, tradition and modernity, craft and design.

We emphasise craftsmanship and each Varana product reflects great attention to detail.

Our bespoke fabrics are as individual as the products they are developed for. Fabrics that are beautiful to the eye and touch are specially designed for each collection.