Autumn Winter 2018

This season we are inspired by the time honoured crafts of the Kutch – a vast, pristine salt desert in the Western Indian state of Gujarat. We experiment with techniques like ancient Ajrakh block printing, the sparkling mirror work of the Ahir, and the bold embroidered motifs of the Rabari people. We celebrate the finest raw materials including the softest of cashmere sourced from the mountainous Himalayan region where it first originated. We love the mix of east and west, tradition and modernity, and elevate these artisanal crafts to make a new vision of timeless, modern luxury.
Our marvellously soft and warm Himalayan cashmere is sourced from the place where cashmere first originated – the mountainous Himalayan region. Our masterfully styled separates for Autumn Winter deliver ease, warmth and polish, all in one beautiful package. There is an emphasis on styles that are great for travel, taking you effortlessly from long haul lounging.
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Embroideries of Kutch

Much more than a craft


Timeless Impressions


Spellbinding Patterns