Tree of Life Collection

For this season, we have focused on the Tree of Life as a symbol of the importance of our relationship with nature. At this time when the biodiversity of our planet is increasingly under strain, we take a moment to reflect on the fundamental cycle of life, regrowth and positivity that is so in tune with our design philosophy at Varana.
The Tree of Life is sacrosanct in India, a universal thread that can be traced from ancient times to today. The design is inspired by an unusual eighteenth-century painting depicting the tree of life in geometric bamboo with its celebration of the entire ecosystem – peacocks, birds, insects all working in harmony.
As always, we focus on the master craftsmanship that gives our collections their unique appeal. We have reworked print motifs into appliqués and cut work on finest organza blouses, as embroideries on luxurious silk kimonos, and as casual sprigs of leaves strewn across a hand embroidered organza dress. These are pieces that are rare in their quality and their use of hand-crafted techniques that have been honed over the centuries, almost as old as the trees themselves.


Embroideries of Kutch

Much more than a craft


Timeless Impressions


Spellbinding Patterns