Khadi: Custom Collection

Khadi is Varana’s exclusive line of fabrics that are entirely handmade. Made from cotton that is hand-spun using a wooden spinning wheel, the fabrics are then woven using a hand operated loom without the use of electricity. It is the oldest form of weaving and has been practiced without pause on the Indian subcontinent for over 5,000 years. Reflecting the skill, rhythm and artistry of the weaver, it is truly special as no two metres of fabric are ever identical. 


"The spinning wheel represents to me the hope of the masses" - Mahatma Gandhi, 1926


The Khadi custom collection is a museum quality capsule created to showcase the extraordinary versatility of Khadi, the fabric that is entirely hand spun and hand woven. Each piece is created to order, offering a truly one of a kind garment. Originally conceived by Sujata Keshavan in celebration of the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, individual pieces from the collection are now available to order on a custom basis. 

  • Khadi A-Line Skirt
  • Khadi Muslin Kaftan Dress

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