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This shawl is a masterpiece – an heirloom that you will pass from generation to generation. It is woven by hand from the purest pashmina fibres and is unbelievably soft and warm.

A web or 'jaal' of the most intricate motifs has been hand- painted on the shawl by an artist in the legendary 'Kalamkari' tradition. 'Kalam' means 'pen' and 'kari' means 'craftsmanship'. The artist has drawn a narrow border along the length of the shawl to contrast with the bold, abstract motifs and the two ends of the shawl have narrow painted stripes that are characteristic of shawls from Kashmir.

Multi-coloured silk threads have been used to hand-embroider and accentuate the motifs using the 'Sozni' technique. This technique uses very fine needles and requires great skill and patience. It can take two or three artisans working together, several years to embroider a densely-worked shawl. So fine and perfectly placed is the embroidery that it is hard to tell which is the 'right' side.

The deep navy base provides an elegant canvas for the vibrant jewel-like colours of the pattern. Team this magnificent shawl with a solid cashmere dress to create an eternally elegant winter ensemble.

Materials & Care

100% Pashmina

Hand Spun, Hand Woven

Dry Clean Only

Techniques & Inspiration

Varana's pashmina is crafted from the finest, purest cashmere obtained from the soft undercoat of the Changthani goats in the Himalayan region. So fine is the wool that it must be gathered, spun and woven by hand. The master craftspeople involved at each step of the process are exceptionally skilled.

The techniques of pashmina shawl weaving and embroidering have been passed on from generation to generation and now only a handful of these skilled artisans are the custodians of this amazing craft.

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